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All organisations have a duty to onboard new employees, but many fail to deliver an engaging online safety induction. New employees need to understand the risks and hazards associated with working in their role in your organisation. And it would help if you consider that your new employees may have little experience in your organisation’s operating environment because they are possibly moving into a new industry or this is their very first job.

But developing a robust safety induction takes time and expertise and in today’s busy work environment that can be a problem. And it’s more than just tick and flick compliance; your online safety induction should prepare your new employees with the knowledge they need to keep themselves and others safe while at work.

At Tap into Safety, we understand the need to deliver engaging training, and your online safety induction training is the place to start. Our training embraces adult learning principles to encourage engagement, so your new employees retain the information and transfer it into practice.

How the Tap into Safety Induction Works

Would you like to have Tap into Safety create a customised online Safety Induction for new employees, visitors or contractors? Would you like to be assured that the training content is accurate, and the assessment is robust?

The Tap into Safety Online Safety Induction does all the hard work for you by using our simple modularised template where we plug in our out of the box courses from our library, or we build for you fully customised content.

You can have numerous versions of your Online Safety Induction to cover General Employees, Visitors, Contractors or Site, Area or Role-Specific requirements.

The Online Safety Induction Flow

Step 1

We work with you to develop an animated and customised Company Video to introduce your organisation. Here you would include information about your company and your mission and values. We also cover all the information pieces in an online safety induction that all employees need to know.  For example, a summary of your policies and procedures and where to access them, legislation, responsibilities, golden rules, incident reporting,  site maps, emergency exits and muster points, mental health information and EAP details, and IT use. If you have a video that you’d like us to incorporate, we can add our training to it. This video is usually around 10 minutes long. 

Step 2

We develop your welcome text and instructions on what you expect your new employee to do while working for your company and working through the online Safety Induction.

Step 3

Then it’s time to choose the training content. We can plug in some of our out of the box training courses or custom-built training courses developed specifically for you. For example, you may upload our General Safety Induction, Environmental Hazards, Fitness for Work, and Workplace Bullying, Harrassment and Discrimination Courses.

Or you may need a custom-built Site-Specific Induction course developed from your current PowerPoint slides. For example, you may like your health and safety induction custom-built. You may like us to build versions of your induction for your employees, contractors and visitors.

We can also edit our out of the box induction courses to suit your needs, for example, in our General Safety Induction course you may not need a section on Confined Spaces. We can remove that section to create a customised version of that course and place into your online safety induction.

And, we offer the option to attach your policies and procedures for acknowledgement. We can attach them to our out of the box courses or anything we custom-build for you. 

Step 4

All of the training courses in your online safety induction are assessed against the safety hierarchy of controls. After completion of the online safety induction, a certificate of completion, together with the completion certificates for each course, are sent to your employee’s email address. Detailed reports of each course in the online safety induction are also immediately available for company administrators. The reports show areas where there is a lack of knowledge and are particularly useful when applied to a group, to direct you where to focus your next training efforts.

Workplace Safety Training for Any Industry

Our out of the box safety training courses can be used by a wide range of industries including construction, civil works and infrastructure, mining, warehousing, maintenance, office-based activities, hospitality, and transport and logistics. We are regularly adding to the library with new courses for these industries and others.

However, with our custom-build option, the skies the limit because the 360-degree panoramic training and e-learning courses can be used across all industries. If you don’t see what you need in the safety training library, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Easy Access to Informative Reports

It is vital to have a record of the training that has been completed by your employees to meet your safety training obligations. It is also useful to be able to gauge how the company is going as a whole.

One of the key measures of successful training is a record of employee results that show what they know and what they don’t know. Our reports detail the hazard awareness skills of employees along with the control and critical control selections for each hazard. These details are available for each employee to verify their competencies and for the company as a whole within a selected date range together with demographic filters including site, role, year of birth and gender.

Having this insight helps to improve safety because you can address these gaps in your toolbox meetings, safety talks or in further safety training.

Employee Results

The employee results reports provide detailed information after each training course has been completed. These reports show the gaps in their safety knowledge and help you to verify employee competencies. Their VOC’s can be quickly verified.

Company Reports

Employee results are collated over a nominated date range together with optional filters of site, role, year of birth and gender. The reports provide analysis that predicts trends and show areas that need retraining.

How Much Does the Safety Induction Cost?

Free Trial


seven days access to a selection of courses

Per Credit


per credit (single use of a course)

Need a bit More?

Annual Unlimited Use

12/24/36 month subscriptions

Need something specific? Find out about our Custom Content

Set-up and Ongoing Fees

To access the online safety induction, there is a set-up fee of AUD$3,500.

The training in the induction uses our out of the box safety courses or any custom-built courses we have developed for you.

We include the development of your Customised Company Video which is usually a maximum of 10 minutes long. We also upload your Policies and Procedures together with an acknowledgement sign-off and these results feed into your reports. Any future updates on these documents require users to read and acknowledge them again.

You can place up to 10 courses into the safety induction framework.

For example, you may like to include:

Completion of each course, placed in the online safety induction uses an AUD$25 credit*.

*For example, if you include 5 courses in the induction framework, each time your new employee completes the induction, they will use 5 credits, costing AUD$125. These fees are in addition to the set-up fee.

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