Employee Safety and Mental Health Training for Only $12

Access our comprehensive library of out of the box workplace safety and employee mental health training courses with no lock-in contract or subscription fees.

Are you tired of workplace safety training that requires you to enter a lock-in contract? Would you prefer to pay for what you need when you need it? The Tap into Safety training platform provides out of the box courses that are high quality, engaging and industry-specific.

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How the Credits Work

Each Credit you purchase allows one employee to complete one training module. Any unused credit will expire 12 months after purchase.

What’s Included in Your Purchase

Once you become a client of Tap into Safety and have purchased your credits you have immediate access to the full library of out of the box workplace safety and employee mental health courses.

You have access to your employee’s safety results and the ability to generate a safety GAP analysis of your workplace. You also have a record of all mental health module completions.

You also have access to over 25 mental health information articles covering a range of topics. Printable artwork for posters and a wallet card on stress, anxiety and depression symptoms, exercises and helpful advice is also provided.

To access the online safety induction, there is an annual license fee of $2,000 + GST, plus development and credit usage fees. Learn More

Workplace Safety Training

Workplace Safety

360-degree panoramas of realistic workplace environments where employees identify and control hazards.

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Employee Mental Health

Employee Mental Health

Microlearning mental health training using animated storytelling on crucial topics that affect employee well being.

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Workplace Safety Reporting

Online Safety

The Online Safety Induction uses a modularised template where we plug in our out of the box courses.

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