Governance & Compliance Training

Tap into Safety provides engaging short courses that teach governance topics to help your employees understand their obligations. In the modern world as we often conduct business through long supply chains, they need to understand bribery and corruption, modern slavery and their expected code of conduct. You can use the governance training to help you to adhere to your ESG requirements and our detailed reports provide critical evidence that you have trained your people in these important topics.

The Platform also provides compliance training courses that help to develop fundamental skills in your employees to keep themselves and others safe in your workplace. For example, they need to know how to read a safety data sheet, how to write a job safety analysis or a safe work method statement, and how to apply the hierarchy of controls.

The training uses a MicroLearning methodology to deliver key concepts simply and quickly, training in best practice with helpful tips and strategies. The comprehensive library includes out of the box courses on a range of topics with a focus on compliance and blue-collar workplaces.

MicroLearning Methodology to Deliver Governance and Compliance Training

We all want to learn new knowledge quickly and MicroLearning supports that. Key concepts are delivered in short bursts of training, before moving onto the next piece of information. The Tap into Safety governance and compliance training draws on a MicroLearning methodology.

The governance training courses can be completed online and on smart devices in under five minutes. This enables your employees to engage with the training as they need it without losing valuable production time.

Target Learning for Governance and Compliance

To operate your business safely and securely it is important that all your employees understand the need for governance and compliance. This is where your operations can come unstuck because your people don’t understand what they need to do if they are working in complex and convoluted supply chains.

The Tap into Safety governance and compliance training has a comprehensive library covering key topics to help you meet your ESG requirements. Whether you are just looking to include key topics in your professional development training or you are looking to increase your practices around governance and fundamental compliance knowledge, we have you covered.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Health and Safety Fundamentals For Employees

Cultural Awareness and Communication

Hierarchy of Controls

Diversity and Inclusion

Permit to Work General Principles

Supporting LGBTQ+ in the Workplace

Understanding a Safety Data Sheet

Understanding Modern Slavery

Writing a Job Safety Analysis

Employee Safety, Leadership, Governance and Mental Health Training for Only AUD$25

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Are you tired of workplace training that requires you to enter a lock-in contract? Would you prefer to pay for what you need when you need it? The Tap into Safety training platform provides out of the box courses that are high quality, engaging and industry-specific.

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