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The Tap into Safety platform offers a comprehensive library of out of the box safety, leadership and mental health training courses, together with detailed reporting and analytics

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We support over 1,000 clients to meet Australian WHS and OSHA compliance with all your training on one platform

What Does the Tap into Safety Training Platform Provide?

The Tap into Safety Platform provides workplace safety, leaders and managers, and mental health training and detailed reporting. We have a substantial library of online and mobile-friendly out of the box workplace safety, leaders and managers, and employee mental health training courses that cover a wide range of industries.

We are your ‘one-stop-shop’ for blue-collar training for leaders, managers, supervisors and employees. The library is continually growing, but you might need something specific. Tap into Safety can also provide custom-built courses or customise what we have in the library.

Clients use Tap into Safety for their online safety induction, as hazard refresher hazard awareness training, the theory part of their VOC’s, to confirm compliance, to train their leaders, managers and supervisors, and as part of their well-being programmes. The software can be easily placed on your current systems, portal or LMS.

Courses can be completed in 5-30 minutes, saving your employees valuable time

Workplace Safety Training

Workplace Safety

Our Safety Training courses use unique 360-degree panoramas of realistic workplace environments together with e-learning. Employees complete courses where they identify and control hazards.

The workplace safety training uses animated micro-learning learning materials and verifies competencies on workplace hazards. This training is underpinned by the hierarchy of hazard controls.

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Quality Training

Leader & Manager Training

Our training for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors uses MicroLearning to build up their soft skills and compliance knowledge to be more effective in their role.

Some of our topics include health and safety fundamentals, health and wellbeing fundamentals, communication, resolving conflict, the role of the supervisor, and time management.

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Employee Mental Health

Employee Mental Health

Drawing on MicroLearning, the employee mental health training uses animated storytelling. Employees work through scenarios on crucial topics that affect their mental health.

Some of our topics include workplace bullying, sexual harassment, stress management, and depressive thoughts. Employees are trained in coping strategies and guided on where to seek help.

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Workplace Safety Reporting

Online Safety

The Tap into Safety Online Safety Induction does all the hard work for you with our simple modularised template where we plug in our out of the box courses from our library, or we can build customised content.

You can have numerous versions of your Online Safety Induction to cover all you needs including for General Employees, Visitors, Contractors or Site, Area or Role-Specific requirements.

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Workplace Safety Reporting

Tap into Safety provides detailed reporting, including employee results and GAP analysis reports. The reporting shows the safety knowledge of employees to verify compliance and competency and reveal knowledge gaps.

Results display employee hazard awareness skills and their knowledge of critical control measures. Employees rate hazards according to the risk they create for them in their role.

How Does it Work?

Hazard Identification

What is this?

The panoramic scenes include obvious hazards that are common in that working environment. The employee identifies these hazards in the scene by clicking on the panoramic image where they think a hazard is located.

What is this for?

Wherever possible, we use panoramas of real workplace environments to create familiarity with the content. Interactive training is more effective than traditional methods. The panoramic scenes encourage employees to engage with the content, which leads to safer workplace practices. When panoramic scenes are not possible, we use e-Learning and micro-learning to deliver critical concepts succinctly and engagingly.

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Out of the Box Workplace Safety, Leadership and Mental Health Training

The Tap into Safety training platform has a comprehensive library of online safety, leadership and mental health training courses with detailed reporting and easy to understand analytics.

Tap into Safety takes care of this for you by providing you out of the box training which is informed by industry leaders. The software is available anytime, anywhere and can be easily placed on your systems, portal or LMS.

Many of our clients look for something they can immediately use, and they access the library for their inductions and VOC’s. However, you may prefer training that is tailored to your organisation’s safety training needs or safety induction. We can also provide Custom Training Content to complement the library.

Workplace Safety Train​ing Library

Workplace Safety
Training Library

The workplace safety training library contains a comprehensive set of out of the box courses that cover a wide range of industries, including construction, mining and warehousing. The training courses include an extensive range of workplace hazards.

Leaders & Managers Training Library

Leaders & Managers Training Library

The leaders and managers training library contains modules on topics to help improve their soft skills. The focus is on compliance topics as well as effective communication and leading their teams. There are specific modules for Supervisors to improve their skills.

Mental Health Training Library

Mental Health
Training Library

The employee mental health training library contains modules on topics that impact employee wellbeing. The training includes scenarios such as workplace bullying and sexual harassment. Other popular courses include stress, depression and suicidal thoughts.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Improved Mental Health Awareness

“We took the next step and became proactive when managing our employees mental health”

– Quentin Hearn, Group Manager OHS

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Increase in Employees Reporting Hazards

“The visual reports allowed us to identify gaps in the safety knowledge retained by employees”

– Richard Nyengera, Project Manager

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Improved Contractor Safety Induction

“We now clearly communicate key and critical controls associated with our high-risk activities”

– Daryl Marshall, Safety & Compliance Manager

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