Improved Mental Health Awareness

Chandler Macleod Group (CMG) is one of the largest recruiting companies in Australian employing over 1,000 staff and supplying over 13,000 employees on their client sites across industries such as mining, construction, hospitality, manufacturing and other industry groups. They use a ‘best fit’ methodology that includes psychometric assessment of employees and candidates.

CMG came to Tap into Safety to use the Mental Health Training to enhance their existing tools and programs. They liked the simple URL integration and incorporated the training in their safety induction and within their annual four targeting mental health campaigns.

They began with a one-year pilot in WA, SA and NT before extending nationally across the business. The first two Mental Health Training course topics were Change, Stress and Burnout and Depressive Thoughts. Results showed a 100% increase in help requests. It was reported that the training started to break down the stigma of identifying as needing help with mental illness. One staff member commented that it was through using the training that he finally recognised he needed help and that it was the catalyst for him to make some vital changes to improve his mental health.

“I would recommend Tap into Safety to those organisations wanting to take the next step and become proactive when managing employee mental health issues”.

Quentin Hearn, Group Manager OHS

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