About Tap into Safety and our Culture

In 2014, Tap into Safety Founders Dr Susanne Bahn and Geoff Bahn identified a key problem. While mandatory safety training and site inductions were commonplace, it was inexperience, hazard blindness and worker stress that were the greatest factors contributing to work related injuries and fatalities. They set out to solve what they saw was a largely unaddressed problem within industry: the lack of engagement in safety, leadership and mental health literacy training.

Off the success of the safety training courses, in 2016, they extended the platform to include mental health literacy training and support for employee mental health. They recognised the key issues that organisations face are stigma and the unwillingness to seek help by employees with declining mental health. 

In 2020, they launched training to improve the skills of leaders, managers and supervisors. It became clear that there was a need for soft skills  training with a focus on compliance for blue-collar industries.

In 2021, the Platform was again extended to help organisations meet ESG criteria, and courses on goverance and compliance were added. 

Tap into Safety’s vision is to keep employees both physically and psychologically safe using engaging training. We want to support organisations to improve safety performance and to support a mentally healthy workplace. Ultimately, we want to work alongside organisations to see the number of workplace injuries and fatalities decrease.

Client First

 The most important part of our business is you, our clients. We wish to work with you to keep your employees physically and mentally safe.

Quality Training

To maintain excellent product quality and a great user experience, our development team ensures we have complete oversight of our training.

Incredible Service

We strive to continually provide an outstanding level of service throughout every interaction with our growing client base.

The Tap into Safety Founders

The Tap into Safety Founders are a husband and wife team that have worked together in the workplace safety discipline since 2003. They understand the difficulties that companies have in successfully managing workplace safety and employee mental health.

Training is a key to reducing workplace injuries and fatalities. But for training to be effective it needs to be engaging, use simple concepts and at a level that the average worker can relate to and understand. The Tap into Safety Platform is the vehicle they believe can meet these requirements.

Dr. Susanne Bahn

Director / CEO

With over 15 years’ consultancy and 10 years’ research including more than 50 published journal articles, Sue knows her way around safety in hazardous workplaces. Her specific expertise focuses on induction deafness, risk blindness and risk management. A passionate individual, Sue is on a mission to lift the safety standard across Australia and internationally. Her qualifications include a PhD (Business – Health and Safety Management), a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.

Geoff Bahn

Director / CFO

Geoff has a background in service delivery, followed by 18 years as a management trainer improving productivity and safety processes. He has a proven record of assisting culture change and management improvement. As a safety process veteran, Geoff believes safety should be simple and effective to improve organisations. Geoff’s qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Business (Management Studies), Diploma in Frontline Management, Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.

We Proudly Partner With

Active & Thriving

Active & Thriving is the only program with an integrated approach to employee wellbeing across core pillars – physical, mental, social and financial. Created by experts, the Active & Thriving solution quantifiably reduces organisational employee health risks and improves physical and mental wellbeing outcomes, leading to material improvements in overall engagement and company culture. Delivered via mobile or web, the platform utilises behaviour change theory, promotes teamwork and curates individualised content to empower employees

For more information see: activeandthriving.com.au


Credenxia is a leading credential verification partner. We’re proud to partner with leading businesses across a wide range of industries to protect their brands, suppliers and workers. Our mission is to simplify management of the workforce. We want to take away the risk, guesswork, spreadsheets and emails out of the verification process. We want to increase value and productivity, while removing costs. We’ve created a simple yet powerful digital platform that uses cloud and smart technology to take the pressure out of managing credentials and compliance for both employers and workers.

For more information see: www.credenxia.com

The Institute for Drone Technology

The Institute for Drone Technology helps organisations integrate drone technology. Founded in 2016, the Institute has helped clients across Australia with consulting, training and management platforms. The Institute is an RTO and a CASA accredited training provider. 

For more information see: www.dronetechinstitute.com

Rapid Global

Leading global companies continue to choose Rapid to support their compliance, safety and risk management processes with their staff, contractors, and site visitors. Our fully integrated and modular workforce management software supports a culture of safety and compliance in companies across Australia, the USA, UK, and South Africa. Rapid’s suite of cloud-based tools can be simply accessed by staff, contractors, and site-visitors on any device through an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard.

For more information see: www.rapidglobal.com


ReadyKey is the leading no-code, mobile app-building platform that enables companies to put critical information in their employees’ pockets anytime, anywhere. Empower your employees with access to vital documentation that can be segmented by location, job role, or seniority — allowing them to instantly access specific information that is relevant to them. ReadyKey’s white-labeled, mobile apps are completely customizable with the ability to integrate with existing systems to ensure full security and always up-to-date information. A simple and intuitive experience means that end-users can quickly navigate to beautiful features such as custom forms & quizzes, native videos, an interactive feed, and many more. ReadyKey is built on 11+ years of mobile-first expertise and supports respected names such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Mondelez International, and BAE Systems.

For more information see: www.readykey.com


Simple, cost effective and easy to implement work health and safety via self-service cloud-based software subscriptions packed full with amazing features that make it easy to do business safely. With starter plans for micro businesses through to professional plans and custom plans for larger businesses, all at affordable rates, Safe365 has truly lifted the lid on work health and safety performance, culture and compliance. Field based audits and inspection checklists, incident/event reporting, hazard and risk identification, safety governance and continual improvement, supply chain visibility and management, site sign in/out – Safe365 really is packed full of great practical features to support your business to thrive safely.

For more information see: www.safe365global.com

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