Major Clients of Tap into Safety

We work with a wide range of clients, both large and small, from a number of different industries across the world. Outlined below are some of Tap into Safety’s major clients.

The number of organisations that utilise the Tap into Safety training platform is continually increasing. To see the companies who use our Platform for their workplace safety training, and employee mental health training please head over to our full client list.

Endeavour Energy
Essential Energy
Major Transport Infrastructure

Tap into Safety and our Strategic Partners

At Tap into Safety we strive to align ourselves with similar-minded organisations that also see the value in keeping every worker safe, every day.

Our strategic partners facilitate access to the platform within their networks and memberships. In doing so, we provide access to the Platform for companies, large and small. By accessing the platform through strategic partners such as associations, smaller business achieves a higher quality of training at an affordable price.

The Master Builders Association is a member-based organisation that services the building and construction industry.

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