Increase in Employees Reporting Hazards

Lendlease Maintenance Services were successful in winning a three-year Integrated Services Agreement together with Main Roads WA to maintain the roads and verges and conduct capital road works in the Kalgoorlie/Esperance region of Western Australia.

Main Roads WA have approximately 20 staff who oversee the work together with Lendlease who manage the day to day work with approximately 20 staff of their own working on the project management. Much of the work is completed by sub-contractors from large to small firms, with over 1000 contractors completing the training over three years. 

Lendlease engaged Tap into Safety to develop five custom-built safety training courses that covered minor capital works, vegetation management, traffic management, maintaining underground road tunnels and working in and around warehouse yard areas. A major focus for Lendlease was the safe interaction between people and powered mobile plant and working in active and live road sites. 

Completion of the training courses was a prerequisite requirement for all contractors and these were made available within the online safety induction. Results showed that staff and contractors consistently reported more hazards on site and they were rectified in record time. Hazard reporting increased by 100% and resulted in a 10% reduction in their TRIFR.

“We like the approach that Tap into Safety have taken to engage staff in training to achieve improved knowledge retention. The visual reports allowed us to identify gaps in the safety knowledge retained by employees​”.

Richard Nyengera, Project Manager

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