Fitness For Work

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In this module, we look at what it means to be fit for work. The term “fit for work”, means that a person is in a physical and mental state which enables them to perform their work tasks competently and in a manner which does not threaten their safety, health or wellbeing, or that of others.

A person’s fitness for work can be adversely affected by several factors including long working hours, fatigue, hydration, depression, stress, anxiety, illness, injury, the use of prescribed medication and illicit drugs and the inappropriate use of alcohol and other legalised drugs.

The module looks at the key impacts of a person’s fitness to train in safe practices. Physical and mental fatigue, prescription medication, alcohol, and the importance of sleep are covered. Employees are encouraged to speak with their Supervisor or Manager when feeling fatigued or when they have concerns with their mental health.

This course is suitable for use in Australia and the US.

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