Videos Make Workplace Safety Training Effective


Can incorporating videos into your workplace training improve safety? That’s what we’re discussing in this article.

We’re all looking for ways to make safety training more effective. After all workplace safety is crucial to the bottom line of every organisation. 

A study published in the Review of Educational Research found learning through video is more effective than in-person learning. This is why 74% of trainers in 2,000 companies use video as part of their training strategies.

Corporate training, especially in workplace safety, needs to engage employees for better retention of information. Slide decks have lost their appeal, and many studies have proven video learning has a better impact on education.

Here are five ways employers can have better results using the power of videos in workplace safety training.

Know What Your Objectives Are

Before you shoot, you need to be clear about what goals you want to achieve in creating specific videos. This will make planning more efficient.

When you have your objectives in sight, the script, storyboard, and design will come naturally. It will also help you create a session that is meaty, but concise.

Keep Them Short

Training videos that last for less than six minutes get better viewer engagement.

A complex safety topic may take longer, but you can divide it into shorter clips.

This ensures that workers will pay attention and put into practice what they have learned. Brief videos are also helpful as a weekly or daily reminder of safety protocols, for training follow-up, or to address a particular hazard or any compliance issues.

Use A Variety of Methods

Workplace safety training does not always have to be one person speaking in front of a camera. Each person learns in different ways, which is why it is important to extend inclusivity in employee education.

Avoid study plateaus by mixing up how to deliver videos tutorials. Alternate animations, screencasting, demos, interviews, and live clips with the traditional one-speaker format. Mixing up delivery helps break routines and makes learning more enjoyable. Whenever possible, keep the tone casual and friendly.

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Value Production Quality

In-house training videos should be of the same quality as those that companies show their customers. Because employees are also stakeholders in the business’s success. They are more likely to pay attention when they can see the effort put into producing videos for their safety and health.

Details, including lighting, sound, and background, are vital complements of what you are teaching your workers when you develop your video.

Include Interactive Features

Videos with interactive features get the viewers involved. Short quizzes after your videos will help workers remember the content.

Use multiple-choice questions where the viewer can click on the answer and will see the correct one after choosing. Consider incorporating quizzes or questions as gaming activities to make it interesting and fun. You can also make assessments through stories where workers can make decisions on a certain scenario.

Custom-Built Videos

We’ve argued that the incorporation of videos into your learning has the benefit of improving engagement and knowledge retention. We’ve covered the importance of keeping the short, succinct and of high quality.

However, you may not have the time or resources to develop your videos in-house and that’s where Tap into Safety comes in.

First, we have a library of over 130 courses that use microlearning videos together with short assessments and quizzes. You might find just what you need and don’t need to go to the time and expense to create your own content.

Second, any of our courses can be modified to suit your organisation’s needs.

Finally, we build customised microlearning video courses. We’re busy providing this service for our clients who are seeking videos for their onboarding/induction to move them online, and their high-risk procedures, to help in the understanding of complex processes. Contact us for more information and pricing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the low-cost, high-quality service we offer.

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