How Do You Make Safety and Mental Health Training Engaging?

safety and mental health training

Dr Sue Bahn, CEO of Tap into Safety, was recently interviewed by Sally McMahon for her podcast, Fit for Work.

They discuss workplace health and safety and improving workplace safety training for improved results. Sue also discusses tips and strategies and the Tap into Safety Journey.

In the podcast we explored the following:

  • Are you a “death by power  point” kind of health and safety trainer?
  • Have you thought to include blended learning to encourage engagement and support adult learning styles?
  • Have you considered tech and gamification?
  • Workplace mental health training is currently on the radar in most organisations and once again we discuss tech, gamification and interactive delivery to reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking.

Take a listen.

Key Take-Aways

Training Needs to be Created with the End-User in Mind

We need to draw on Human Factors principles so that our audience is engaged rather than feeling as though their life just got shortened 2 hours, which is time they’ll never get back.

Training must be designed to accommodate different learning styles, literacy levels and ultimately relevant to the actual work the group will be performing. So, ditch the stock image of the office worker lifting a ream of paper and go to the effort of getting a snap of one of the actual workers handling an oil drum or some star pickets.

The Tap into Safety training incorporates 360panoramic views of the real working environment for each company we create for, and superimpose common hazards to transport workers into their actual work setting so that learning and retention can be optimised.

Use Tech to Support Mental Health in the Workplace 

A common problem with mental health support at any organisation is the low reporting of mental health issues to management due to fear of job security or discrimination.

Only 5% of employees use EAP services and there is poor survey completion meaning that organisations don’t know what’s going on with their workers.

By introducing tech platforms that are rooted in good science, organisations can increase their knowledge of the mental health pulse of their workforce and introduce tailored training and wellbeing strategies to support mental health at work.

Tailor Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategies for Different Workgroups

Rather than a one size fits all approach, go to the effort of collecting the data so you can segment your workforce and offer targeted solutions.

Get de-identified data from these various sources:

  • platforms like Hazard Insight
  • worker’s comp or corporate health insurer
  • engagement surveys
  • absenteeism stats

… and use this to roll out initiatives that cut through.

Revamp Your Safety Inductions

Whether looking to deliver induction training in the classroom, online or using smart devices, a simple hyperlink integration is available to the Cloud-hosted software.

Tap into Safety offers interactive and engaging work health and safety training.

The software has been designed to support workers with low literacy or minimal English language capabilities.

The solution uses real workplace photographic, panoramic examples that workers relate to because they show their work sites or typical examples of their work areas, rather than gifs and cartoons depicting workplace hazards e.g. manual handling examples of lifting a box in an office setting.

The training is delivered in 15-minute modules and can be even be accessed by sub-contractors with their competencies verified before they step foot on site.

Tap into Safety now has available for immediate use, pre-built training content within the interactive template on topics that could interest infrastructure, civil engineering and construction companies. Currently, we have training modules on moving in and around a mobile plant, working at heights, warehousing and workshop hazards and safe access and egress from machinery.

Try a free demo or contact us for more information.

Part of the Solution to Workplace Mental Health Training and Support

Tap into Safety’s mental health solution offers training delivered online and via smart devices, anywhere, anytime on relevant workplace topics that impact mental health using fun animation, gamification and interaction.

As part of a well-being programme, the solution helps business to intervene early and support worker mental health better by providing relevant and interactive workplace wellbeing training.

The solution offers information on how to reach out for support (on average only 5% access their Employment Assistance Provider when 20% have an issue right now – stigma plays a huge role here).

The solution increases help-seeking by 100% as shown in the product evaluation conducted in 2017. By encouraging help-seeking early, we reduce the escalation of serious stress claims. This assists employees to tell us when they are not well or not feeling as good as they should.

Try a free demo to get a taste of what we offer.

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