Forklift Operation

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Working in the warehouse as a forklift operator or a worker on foot requires everyone to be vigilant at all times. Forklift operations can create risk to all in the warehouse because they are a powered piece of mobile plant. Coming into contact can cause serious injury.

This course presents examples of all aspects of working as a forklift operator moving and loading materials and as a worker performing work in the warehouse. The scene uses an active and busy warehouse with loading and moving of goods underway.

Safe operation of forklifts is trained including ensuring separation from workers on foot. The course focuses on alerting workers on foot that forklifts are in their vicinity, adherence to speed limits and other rules to keep everyone safe.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course learners will:

  1. Learn how to apply the Safety Hierarchy of Controls to address workplace hazards.
  2. Learn how to safely park up a forklift.
  3. Understand the dangers of multiple passengers riding on a forklift.
  4. Learn about the rated load capacity and weight limits.
  5. Understand how to secure a load to prevent it from slipping or falling.
  6. Learn how to prevent slip and trip hazards.
  7. Learn how to keep workers on foot separate from operating forklifts.
  8. Understand the importance of regular housekeeping and safe placement of goods on racking to prevent protruding objects.
  9. Learn the importance of not contacting the racking with the forklift to prevent goods from falling from above.
  10. Learn the critical importance of adhering to speed limits when operating a forklift.

Course length: 30 mins (9 x 1-minute animated and subtitled videos + short answer assessments)

  • Includes a panoramic scene and hazard spotting game
  • Certificate of completion
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Facilitator’s Guide including video transcript and Assessment Q&A’s
  • Optional pass rate
  • All content can be customised
  • Pause and resume function

Available in English (Australian), English (USA),  French and US Spanish.

This course is suitable for use in Australia, the UK, Europe, the US, and all countries that adhere to OSHA and HSE requirements.

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