Dr Susanne Bahn Talks About Using Techboard to Supplement Social Media in Getting Investors

Dr Susanne Bahn talks to Beacham Group about the Tap into Safety journey and about being a technology entrepreneur in the digital space in Western Australia. Dr Bahn discusses the importance of using Techboard as a social media platform in order for your business to be seen by potential investors.

We have used Techboard to reach our market and investors in a more personal way. Techboard compliments what we’re doing on social media to raise awareness of our brand. We like to use other mediums besides social media platforms like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. Techboard helps you to target a specific topic, for example if you are trying to send a message out to the investment community. We feel that there is less noise on Techboard with targeted posts that achieve a  very good reach in the community. We also really like that it too is a Western Australian startup business.

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