Working From Home

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This workplace safety training course might be just what you’re looking for to train your employees on critical risks in your workplace.

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Working from home presents several challenges to being as productive as usual. It can also be difficult to create boundaries between work and home life and may seem more isolating compared to working in a busy office. This trend is increasing in many new working arrangements.

This module provides strategies employees can use to keep their productivity up, have a healthy work-life balance, and nurture your work relationships while working from home. The module looks at setting up daily routines and boundaries to provide separation from home activities and to nurture concentration to complete work.

The training recognises that working from home can be isolating for employees who are used to busy and social work environments and promotes the need to stay in contact with workmates using technology. The focus is on keeping employees connected so that their mood remains buoyant to reduce loneliness and depressive thoughts.

This course is suitable for use in Australia and the US.

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