We’ve Come a Long Way: Tap Into Safety Turns 5!

Tap Into Safety 5th Birthday

Tap Into Safety was formed by Susanne Bahn and Geoff Bahn in June 2014. Shaped by research, our unique software includes two workplace training solutions – workplace safety training solution and workplace mental health training solution. This training can commence during safety inductions and extend into ongoing refresher and workplace training programmes.

As a startup business based in Perth, Western Australia, in 2014 Tap Into Safety consisted of both Sue and Geoff as the business’ core employees and Directors. Over the past 5 years we have grown to have a team of 8 developers and designers. Our first client back in 2014 was Lendlease, since that time our client base has grown to almost 500 across a range of different industries including construction, mining and utilities. Shoot forward to early 2018, we raised $750k which allowed us to execute our 2018 growth plans and secured two additional Directors, Tim Moore and Tony Packer from Dorado Capital.

When Tap Into Safety launched, we had a mission to combine research and technology to highlight and address early warning indicators of poor hazard awareness and declining mental health. It’s this mission that continues to underpin our business today.

Pushing past start up status

According to Startup Muster, in 2016-2017 there were 1291 startups that were launched in Australia and in 2017-2018 there were 712 that entered the Australian market. In late 2018, the Sydney Morning Herald suggested that in the 2017-2018 financial year alone a total of 250,242 entities were deregistered from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. The majority of these business failures were small businesses. Forbes suggest that nine out of ten startups will fail, and the Small Business Association (SBA) states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years and 50% during the first five years.

Over the past 5 years, Tap Into Safety has continued to grow from strength to strength. This has ensured we have quickly pushed past our initial ‘start up status’. Unlike a number of other businesses within Australia we have continued to strive, grow and deliver our products to our growing number of clients.

Tap Into Safety’s future

Reaching our 5th birthday has allowed us to reflect on how far we have come as a business and make plans for where we plan to go in the next 5 years. We have a number of short and long term goals to ensure we continue to thrive. Our goals over the next 5 years are:

  • A new website – within the next 3 months Tap Into Safety aims to launch a new, professional and innovative website which better aligns with our growing business. The website will continue to deliver informative content for our viewers in a more logical format.
  • Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) – within the next 12 months we will be bringing our two training solutions onto one easy to use SaaS Platform accessed via our website.
  • International Brand – by our 7th birthday we are striving to extend our platform further into the international market.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) – over the next 5 years we would like to continue our research and development program to assess the appropriate fit of VR and AR for safety and mental health training. We have previously discussed the possibility of how VR and AR can be included in safety training but we would like to continue exploring this in the years to come.

Try a Tap Into Safety demo

Find out why Tap Into Safety has continued to flourish over the past 5 years by signing up for our obligation free demo. The demo will allow you to try some of the pre-built safety and mental health training modules that so many of our clients utilise in their regular workplace training.

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On the back of the success of our blog this month we will be launching our video series hosted on YouTube. We plan to provide additional content on key mental health and safety issues that affect all workplaces. Make sure you don’t miss the launch by subscribing to our YouTube Channel today.

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