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October has been a month of presentations and a tour around the East Coast for Tap into Safety together with our global partners SAI Global. We visited three cities in three days: Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Tap into Safety was one of the Westpac Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow and earlier this month we were privileged to attend the ‘Take on Tomorrow Programme’ in Melbourne. At the same time, the production team has been completing the safety and mental health content builds for existing clients. We also released a new pre-built training module for traffic control and added animated training content.

Key Achievements

Demand for customised safety training content grows with global and domestic clients:

October has seen the continued fast pace for Tap into Safety, with existing clients,  including international clients, extending their training content. Clients are really focussing on workplace safety and mental health in the workplace and seeking innovative ways to revitalise their safety inductions to improve performance and reduce injuries. A specific focus by some of our clients is on ‘line of fire’ hazards.

This month we have released a new feature in our safety training solution. We are now offering fully animated training material. Clients can choose between photographic images or full animation, to train in safe behaviour. Several clients have readily opted for the animated option.

Tap into Safety is among the winners of the Westpac Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow:

CEO, Dr. Susanne Bahn, attended a 4-day workshop in Melbourne. She got to hear from business leaders including demographer Bernard Salt who spoke about the future and the cultural problems Australians have with entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ remains alive and well! Professor Mark Ritson took us on a branding and marketing journey which was a highlight of the course.

Scott Bales took us to the future and explored technology. He explained that for a product to be considered mainstream it requires 50 million people in the US to consider it normal. Bernadette Schwerdt provided a workshop on entrepreneurship and revealed the top 10 secrets of success. Here’s a quick summary – Successful entrepreneurs:

  • Enter awards,
  • Trust their crazy ideas,
  • Leverage the factors of disruption,
  • Know their audience,
  • Look ahead,
  • Know what business they’re in,
  • Know what problem they solve,
  • Know their point of difference,
  • Take action, and
  • Present well and often.
Dr Sue Bahn at Westpac Take on Tomorrow Programme in Melbourne

Breakfast Workshop on predictive analytics and mental health solutions- Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Last month, we advised that we have entered a re-seller partnership arrangement with the mighty SAI Global and a formal announcement was made about the new global distribution of our safety and mental health solutions. This month, SAI Global released their SAI360 solution. Together, we presented on predictive analytics and mental health solutions for businesses in breakfast workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. It was interesting to see the wide variety of businesses including infrastructure, agriculture, insurers, health and education companies in attendance.

Pre-built content is now available in the safety solution for construction and civil construction businesses. This month, courtesy of AAPA, we have added to the pre-built content to include a module on traffic control. This module moves between three panoramic scenes: site set up, managing an open traffic controlled site and managing a closed traffic control site. We invite all civil and infrastructure companies to take a closer look by trying a free demo.  Please contact us to arrange. Please also take a look at the pricing of our solutions.

October was National Safe Work Month – see the link to free tools and materials that can be used ongoing in your organisations. We should be thinking safety all year round not just in the one month!


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