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mental health and safety

The Easter holidays are a time for family and fun, but many people are required to work and miss out.

Over the Easter break we thought we’d provide a list of our most popular posts for 2019, on workplace safety and mental health, to help to fill in the time.

Popular Safety Posts

1. Safe manual handling: Have we got it wrong?

Over several decades there has been considerable effort by organisations to reduce manual handling injuries. The focus has been on redesigning lifting activities to whenever possible, use manual handling aids, such as lifting devices. When manual handling activities have required people to perform the lifting activity, emphasis has been placed on the correct and safest way to lift. There’s a whole discipline around the problem of reducing manual handling injuries known as participatory ergonomics. Companies have spent countless hours training and implementing participatory ergonomics programs. However, recent research has questioned if all this effort has actually reduced manual handling injuries. The method of lifting when manually handling objects is once again under the spotlight. For this post, we review lessons learned from companies who have implemented ergonomics programs to reduce musculoskeletal injuries, as a result of manual handling activities.

2. How critical are training records in proving safety compliance?

Organisations spend time and money training employees to meet safety compliance requirements, but how many keep accurate training records? The answer to this question is very important if a serious incident or workplace fatality occurs. Especially if this event leads to a court case or a coroners court hearing. This scenario played out recently in a McDonald’s compensation case where an employee used a ladder to climb onto the roof to smoke a cigarette before her shift began. As she descended down the ladder she fell and broke her leg. For this post we unpick the importance of training and keeping accurate records of employee’s continued competence.

Popular Mental Health Posts

1. Does Mental Health First Aid Training help?

Businesses are searching for ways to improve the wellbeing of their employees more than ever. With most offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – an external assistance program for employees who reach out for help – but sometimes, the employee seeks advice and help from their direct manager or supervisor. There are many in these roles who feel that they are not prepared or qualified in how best to respond in these situations. Because of this, some organisations are turning to mental health first aid training for their front-line leaders. But, does it help?

2. It’s time to link employee wellbeing to productivity 

There is a direct association between worker productivity and their mental health and wellbeing. A review conducted by the British Safety Council, aptly named ‘not just free fruit: wellbeing at work’ examines the recent literature to define wellbeing in workplace contexts and explores the various support offered for staff in British firms.  Wellbeing at work is here to stay and it’s time for organisations to link employee wellbeing to productivity. In this post we look at the British research for strategies that organisations can use to improve employee mental health.

How can Tap Into Safety help?

Tap Into Safety has two solutions (interactive safety training and mental health training) available on one Platform and access to both is automatic and at the one low price point.

With our flexible per use ‘credits’ model pricing, you simply pay for what you use. You have immediate access to all 18 safety modules and 10 mental health modules.  You can purchase any number of credits at any time, that you can use within a 12-month period, before they expire. There are no set up fees or lock in contracts.

Once registered, clients continue to have access to predictive results that indicate trends in employee mental health and safety knowledge. Early indicators can help to inform organisations where best to spread resources and target training and support.

Most importantly, once a business is registered on the Tap Into Safety Platform, employees can continue to access the help seeking features and support resources, at no charge to the business. Organisations only pay for the training and assessment modules that they use in their safety and mental health and wellbeing campaigns and on-boarding activities.

Clients use our safety training to make their safety inductions interactive and engaging, or as follow up 15 minute hazard perception training modules if they have had an incident, near miss or audit recommendation. They use our mental health training as part of their on-boarding training to meet immediate duty of care requirements and to complement their mental health campaigns and programmes. Integration into current systems and LMS is very easy and supported by a simple URL access.

If you’d like to know how Tap Into Safety can help in your workplace safety and mental health training programmes contact us and try a FREE online demo today.

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