Employee Mental Health Training

Tap into Safety provides engaging employee mental health training through the use of animated stories about topics that impact our wellbeing. The training teaches about effective coping strategies that equip employees with information on what to do if they are experiencing a decline in their mental health. You can use the employee mental health training in your safety induction, first month’s onboarding training or as part of a dedicated mental health campaign.

The training uses a MicroLearning methodology to deliver key concepts simply and quickly, tackling the stigma associated with mental illness. The comprehensive library includes out of the box courses on a range of topics. Employees learn about their rights and responsibilities and where to seek help when things start to get too tough.

Employee Mental Health Training

MicroLearning Methodology to Deliver Mental Health Training

We all want to learn new knowledge quickly and MicroLearning supports that. Key concepts are delivered in short bursts of training, prior to moving onto the next piece of information. The Tap into Safety employee mental health training draws on a MicroLearning methodology.

The employee mental health modules can be completed online and on smart devices in under five minutes. This enables your employees to engage with the training as they need it without losing valuable production time.

Target Learning for Key Mental Health Issues

There are two barriers to ensuring improved employee mental health. They are stigma and a reluctance to reach out and seek help when things are not going too well. Our mental health is a personal journey and we need tools and strategies to help us to maintain our wellbeing.

Tap into Safety’s employee mental health modules tackle stigma head-on by using animated stories and likeable characters to guide employees through topics that affect their mental health. The training can be completed in private and the modules encourage employees to seek help if they need to.

The Tap into Safety employee mental health training has a comprehensive library covering key topics that affect mental health. Whether you are just looking to include key topics in your safety induction or focus on a topic for a wellbeing campaign we have you covered.

Change, Stress and Burnout

Depressive Thoughts and Alcohol Use

Helping Employees With Mental Health Concerns

Signs of Declining Mental Health in Employees

Relationship Breakdown

Self Harm and Suicidal Thoughts

Sexual Harassment

Transition to Home After a FIFO Swing

Fear of Job Loss

Workplace Bullying

Change, Stress and Burnout

Depressive Thoughts

Grief and Loss

Illicit Drug Use

Relationship Breakdown

Self Harm and Suicidal Thoughts

Sexual Harassment

Transition to Home After a FIFO Swing

Working Away and Missing Important Events

Workplace Bullying

Free Mental Health Support Resources for Tap into Safety Users

It’s essential to support your employee’s mental health, and training is just one critical part. From time-to-time, everyone needs support in their lives, and that’s where the Tap into Safety Platform can help.

Once an employee registers on the Platform, they have immediate access to a substantial library of self-help articles covering a range of topics including information and actions they can take if they experience a Panic Attack, Depressive Thoughts, Domestic Violence, PTSD or an Eating Disorder. These articles are free to access at any time.

The Platform also provides unlimited free access to Mindfulness Meditations to help when employees are stressed, or experience anxious feelings or depressive thoughts. There are quick one-minute resets and longer 3-5 minute meditations that they can use while at work to help to get them back on track.

Employee Safety and Mental Health Training for Only $12

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Are you tired of workplace safety training that requires you to enter a lock-in contract? Would you prefer to pay for what you need when you need it? The Tap into Safety training platform provides out of the box courses that are high quality, engaging and industry-specific.

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