How Do I Add Users to a Group When They Join

A user can be automatically assigned to one or more groups when they join your organisation. This is done by providing the users a specific link for the groups you wish for them to join. For more information on how to create users group, see How Do I Assign Courses to Specific Groups.

Note that users that are already part of your organisation cannot use these links.

Generating a Joining Link

To generate a new group invitation link, click the Organisation Config option in the main menu.

Administration Menu Options

Under the User Invite URL header, click the Generate Group Invite button. Note that this button will not be shown if you have not created any users groups. A list of groups will be shown. Check every group you wish users joining with this link to be added to, then click Generate. Your new link will be shown in a box on the next screen, and can be copied to your clipboard with the Copy button. This link can be regenerated at any time if you lose it. Please note that all group invite links will become invalid if you regenerate your main user invite link.

Removing a Joining Link

Group joining links cannot be removed individually. If you have need to prevent a joining link from working, you will need to regenerate your main invite URL, then regenerate any group joining links you want to keep. These new joining links will differ from the previous links.

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