Heavy Vehicle Solo Driver Fatigue Management

Heavy Vehicle Solo Driver Fatigue Management

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Solo drivers of a heavy vehicle must ensure manage their levels of fatigue. They must comply with the maximum work and minimum rest requirements and not exceed these limits and should stop work and make alternative arrangements. A lack of quality sleep is a major cause of fatigue and places them at high-risk of a driving accident.

This course explains the signs of fatigue to watch out for, counting work hours’ time and the amount of rest time per hours worked, with examples of how to calculate work and rest time. The training discusses work time as not just time behind the wheel, but all activities that are undertaken including loading and unloading, cleaning and refuelling and recording information. The course includes information on accurate record keeping.

Course length: 10 mins (7 mins video + assessment)

  • Certificate of completion
  • GAP Reporting
  • Facilitator’s Guide including video transcript and Assessment Q&A’s
  • All content can be customised
  • Pause and resume function

This course is suitable for use in Australia, the UK, Europe, the US, and all countries that adhere to OSHA and HSE requirements.

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