Depressive Thoughts and Alcohol Use

Depressive Thoughts

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Depression is a common mental health challenge in the workforce. Many people use alcohol to self-medicate and dampen depressive thoughts. There is a proven link between increased depression and alcohol.

In this course, workers learn that mismanagement of work-related strain and personal issues may create depressive thoughts. These thoughts can build up over time to create larger ongoing issues.

This course teaches workers how to recognise depressive thoughts in themselves and others. They learn the symptoms of depression and are provided with helpful coping strategies. The training discusses how the misuse of substances such as alcohol is an unhelpful coping strategy that is likely to increase depressive thoughts.

Course length: 3 mins (3 mins video)

  • Certificate of completion
  • Reporting
  • All content can be customised
  • Teaches coping strategies and recommends where to seek help
  • Uses storytelling and follows a character’s experiences
  • Facilitator’s Guide including video transcript

This course is suitable for use in Australia, the UK, Europe, the US, and all countries that adhere to OSHA and HSE requirements.

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