Chain of Responsibility Refresher

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This course provides refresher training on the chain of responsibility for vehicle operators, schedulers, consignors and consignees, packers, loaders and their managers.

This training covers hazards including, mass, dimensions and loading and unloading, unrestrained and damaged loads, vehicle standards, and scheduling.

It draws on Australia’s Heavy Vehicle National Law Code of Practice but includes a generalised version for companies outside of Australia.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course learners will:

  1. Learn about vehicle standards required to ensure that the vehicle is safe to use.
  2. Learn the importance of scheduling to ensure enough time for the journey to be completed safely and not cause the driver to speed.
  3. Learn that loads must comply with the mass, dimension and loading requirements applying to the vehicle.
  4. Learn how to safely load and unload vehicles and how to secure the load to prevent movement.
  5. Understand the risks of unrestrained loads in the vehicle.
  6. Learn how to prevent damage to loads.
  7. Learn about fatigue management and the need for drivers to take their rescheduled breaks.

Course length: 10 mins (7-minute animated and subtitled video + 7 short answer assessment)

  • Certificate of Completion
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Facilitator’s Guide including video transcript and Assessment Q&A’s
  • Optional pass rate
  • All content can be customised
  • Pause and resume function

Available in English (Australian) and English (USA).

This course is suitable for use in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the US, and all countries that adhere to OSHA and HSE requirements.

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